Automatic stretching and bending function can free workers, reduce manual errors, can not distinguish between day and night continuous processing operations, to achieve full use of production time. However, automatic bending machine manufacturers are rare. Because the technical threshold of automation is very high, the manufacturers that can realize the development of automatic stretching and bending machine have already jumped to the world’s top level. Let’s understand the manufacturers who can manufacture automatic bending machine: G Clef.

G Clef is a automatic bending machine manufacturer integrating production and research and development capabilities. It focuses on the research and development, manufacturing and processing of bending technology, and has developed a series of bending machines. In the process of processing, we found and solved problems, independently developed a CNC system with independent intellectual property rights, and continued to improve and improve the performance of bending machine, so that bending processing becomes more intelligent and simple.

Automatic bending machine manufacturers are very rare in the world, it is a pleasure to meet The G Clef: if you happen to need bending processing, please seize the opportunity to contact us!