The CNC technology of G Clef is mainly composed of numerical control system,and bending mechanism.

First, the numerical control system, it uses computer control, combined with the G  Clef of mass bending experience and technology, can be programmed, infinite precise bending, to avoid the repeated operation of workers.

Secondly, in order to cooperate with the numerical control system, our bending machine also uses many advanced control technologies, such as hydraulic control, electronic control and so on.

G Clef Co.,Ltd after long-term research and bending application, bending machine pressure, tension can reach 120T, and numerical control system of bending machine displacement accuracy is less than 0.001mm movement control, which is equivalent to the control of more than  thousands bison precise movement is less than the distance of hair!

At the same time, this set of bending system can also cooperate with industrial robots, not only let people free from repetitive labor, but also realize unmanned automated production, so that workers completely get rid of heavy physical labor.

Now, the company has developed roll bending machine(roll bender), stretching forming machine, as well as tube bending machine(rube bender or pipe bender). These are the new achievements of G Clef bending technology Co.,Ltd.

Quality first, innovation last, creation always in everything we do. The G Clef commitment to quality shows in the high quality,metal forming work we do and in what we’ve become.If you want the most advanced bending system,cantact us,please!

To learn more CNC bending technology video on our YouTube channel:G Clef video