Aluminum profile rolling and bending machine is suitable for processing various types of aluminum, such as doors and Windows, curtain wall, handrail lighting ceiling, balcony engineering, grid frame, cylindrical inner skeleton, cylindrical inner skeleton, environmental protection vegetable greenhouse, bath door, production line arc channel, satellite antenna,  metal furniture, fitness equipment and so on.

The working principle of aluminum profile rolling and bending machine is to determine a circle at three points. In the process of processing the workpiece, the workpiece runs at a certain speed on the agreed track. When the workpiece is not bent before processing, the speed of the three wheels is equal. When the workpiece deformation needs to be processed, the rotation speed of the three wheels is no longer consistent, but the three wheels maintain a certain mutual conversion relationship. In the process of workpiece processing, the speed of the three wheels has a very important relationship to the protection of the surface quality of the workpiece, incorrect speed will lead to damage to the surface of the workpiece.

Aluminum extrusion process of work roll bending machine to the artifacts of different materials, or of the same material but heat treatment or after heat treatment all can make forming radius change, after continuous exploration research, we have accumulated a large amount of data, and under the control of the CNC system, roll out the radius of the workpiece and the actual production need the radius of the error is very small. In this way, the error caused by arc bending is greatly reduced, and the stability of the working system is greatly improved.