The CNC system of G Clef roll bending machine has the following characteristics:

1, Windows system, convenient with the company’s internal networking, unlimited program storage, 15 “industrial touch screen, simple man-machine dialogue operation.

  1. Direct import of CAD drawings can generate motion track data.

3, roller mold size, wheelbase automatically generated.

  1. For the material with uncertain rebound modulus, the actual bending radius will be calculated by the system automatically after bending, and the profile will be re-bent to the correct radius.

5, for ellipse, S bend, Archimedes line, spline curve, can be repeated bending molding one or more times.

6, unique core algorithm and process parameters, automatically calculate the material rebound characteristics, completely solve the smooth and symmetrical transition of different curvature.

The CNC system of the rolling machine developed by G Clef has inserted the intelligent brain into the rolling machine, so that the automatic operation of the rolling has inserted the flying wings. The CNC system of the bending machine makes the machining of the bending machine simple and easy to use. No matter the input data or the direct import of CAD drawings, the design can be transformed into a perfect workpiece, so that the bending process can be achieved.

CNC roll bending machine

CNC roll bending machine and its system