Roll bender A12T is a widely used bending machine produced by G Clef.let’s get to learn more bending capacity about it!

First, let’s learn about G clef.G Clef Bending Technology Company is a fast developed company. The company is now taking the leading position in developing and manufacturing CNC roll bending machine,CNC tube bending machine and CNC stretch bending machine . Specialized in cold bending area our products are mainly used for automotive, aerospace, lighting and furniture bending application.As a national hightech enterprise we have our own developed software , independent core technology and a number of patents.The company provide bending machines such as pipe bender, roll bender,tube bender,stretch forming machine and integrated automatic bending system. G Clef is determined to become the world’s top integrated bending system supplier

now, let’s learn more detail about A12T Roll Bender.(By the way,you can click here and watch the video on YouTube.)

The Roll bender A12T can bend the door frame, furniture parts,the Window’s  frame, car parts, LED light frame,the elevator parts,the lamp S curved shaped parts,the archimedian curve workpiece,car parts,the scurved parts of a car’s luggage rack,parts in the threedimensional shape of a car’s luggage rack,parts in the threedimensional shape of a car’s luggage rack,parts of a sphere in a threedimensional shape.And so on!

If you have bending problems, please contact us,and we will provide you with bending system solutions.Quality first, innovation last, creation always in everything we do!

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