Hydraulic roll bender or roll bender? Let’s first understand the concept of hydraulic pressure:
Hydraulic power can be used in power transmission mode, become hydraulic transmission. Hydraulic pressure can also be used as a control mode called hydraulic control.Hydraulic transmission is liquid as the working medium, the use of liquid pressure to transfer power.
Hydraulic control is the control of pressure liquid as the control signal transmission mode. The control system composed of hydraulic technology is called hydraulic control system. Hydraulic control usually includes hydraulic open loop control and hydraulic closed loop control. Hydraulic closed-loop control is also hydraulic servo control, which constitutes a hydraulic servo system, usually including electrical hydraulic servo system (electro-hydraulic servo system) and mechanical hydraulic servo system (hydraulic servo system, or hydraulic servo mechanism).
G Clef Hydraulic roll bender adopts electro – hydraulic servo system, referred to as hydraulic bending machine.
A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, energy device, execution device, control and adjustment device, auxiliary device, liquid media. Hydraulic pressure is widely used in industrial and civil industries because of its characteristics of large transmission power, easy transmission and configuration. The executive components of the hydraulic system (hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor) function is to convert the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy, so as to obtain the linear reciprocating movement or rotary movement required. The function of the energy device of the hydraulic system (hydraulic pump) is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid.
Compared with mechanical transmission and electrical transmission, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages:1. Various components of hydraulic transmission can be conveniently and flexibly arranged according to the needs.2, light weight, small volume, small motion inertia, fast reaction speed.3, easy to operate and control, can achieve a large range of stepless speed regulation.4, can automatically achieve overload protection.5, using mineral oil as the working medium, relative motion surface can be self-lubrication, long service life.6. It is easy to achieve linear motion.7, it is easy to realize the automation of the machine, when the use of electro-hydraulic combined control, not only can realize a higher degree of automatic control process, but also can realize remote control.
G Clef Hydraulic roll bender is a collection of NUMERICAL control system control, is also automatic NUMERICAL control rolling machine, has realized automation, intelligent:1, for ellipse, S bend, Archimedes line, spline curve, can be repeated bending molding one or more times.2. Direct import of CAD drawings can generate motion track data.3, roller mold size, wheelbase automatically generated.4, unique core algorithm and process parameters, automatically calculate the material rebound characteristics, completely solve the smooth and symmetrical transition of different curvature.5. For the material with uncertain rebound modulus, the actual bending radius will be calculated by the system automatically after bending, and the profile will be re-bent to the correct radius.6, Windows system, convenient with the company’s internal networking, unlimited program storage, 15 “industrial touch screen, simple man-machine dialogue operation.
G Clef long-term investment in research and development, not only accumulated a lot of patent intellectual property rights, but also can manufacture many varieties and series of bending machines, such as THREE-DIMENSIONAL NUMERICAL control hydraulic bending machine, vertical numerical control hydraulic bending machine, horizontal numerical control hydraulic bending machine and so on. According to the size can also be divided into small roll bending machine, large roll bending machine, etc., can carry out a variety of materials roll bending processing. A G Clef NUMERICAL control hydraulic bending machine, metal bending machine, aluminum bending machine, corner bending machine and so on all the functions of the bending machine.
The advantages of G Clef Hydraulic roll bender make it the first choice for many enterprises in various industries. It has been widely used in lighting, household appliances, furniture, building curtain wall, automobile rail transit, ships, and even aerospace bending. If you also have the bending workpiece needs, contact us, will provide you with the world class bending skills!