Lamp is acted the role of — the eye of household, if there is no lamps and lanterns in the family, resemble the person did not have an eye, the family that does not have an eye can live in darkness only, so the position of the lamp in the family is crucial. Nowadays people call the lamps and lanterns of illume the lamp act the role of, can see from appellation, lamps and lanterns already is used for illume not only, it still can use to decorate a room.

The design of lighting not only focuses on artistic modeling, but also takes into account the coordination and mutual foil of lamp type, color, light and environmental style, so as to achieve the effect of mutual glow between lamp and environment. Need to use the lamp that need not act the role of in different place, be in the bedroom for example, need lamplight downy modelling comfortable lamp act the role of, let people can fall asleep safely.

The artistic modeling of lighting often requires the use of arc or curvature arc parts. And the production of these parts needs to be used to complete the rolling machine.

Characteristics of high spectrum CNC rolling machine: for ellipse, S bend, spline curve can be one or many times repeated bending molding; Direct import CAD drawings, can generate motion track data; Unique core algorithm and process parameters, automatically calculate the material rebound characteristics, completely solve the smooth and symmetrical transition of different curvature; For the material with uncertain rebound modulus, input the actual bending radius after bending, the system automatically calculates, and the profile will be re-bent to the correct radius; Simple man-machine interface, good inclusiveness and expansion, and Windows system Intranet……

G Clef roll bending machine flexible, accurate, compact characteristics, so that the bending process becomes simple.