14 Axis 3D Roll Bending Machine G-CNC-X25T

Roll Bending Machine G-CNC-X25T is the latest R&D result of G Clef. It can be used for 2D and 3D bending. With CNC control system, it has special functions of anti-twisting, twisting  bending to assure bending quality. It is mainly used in aerospace, launch vehicle, railway transportation and other fields.


Technical/Mechanical Data

Hydraulic Power: 25T
X4 and X5 Roll Speed: 1-10rpm, Continuously adjustable
Axis Repositioning Accuracy : 0.01mm
X6 and X7 Stroke: 80mm
X8 and X9 Stroke: 150mm
X8 and X9 Swing Angle: ±15°
X10 to X14 : inward and backward stroke 60mm,left and right movment stroke 150mmswing angle ±90°, rotate angel ±360°
lifting stroke150mm
Shaft Diameter: upper 110mm, lower 80mm
Shaft Length: 220mm
Upper Roller Torque: Max. 5000N.m
Lower Roller Torque: Max. 3500N.m
Weight: 3500Kg
Dimension(L*W*H): 1680*1526*1680mm



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