2D/3D Roll Bending Machine G-CNC-B30T

G-Clef horizontal CNC roll bending machine B30T is widely used in new energy vehicles, railway transportation, escalators, aerospace, lighting, furniture,  gym equipment and other industries. 2D or 3D bending function is available. With CNC control system and servo-drive technology, it can achieve high-quality bending and help you get rid of the dependence of operating experience, reducing your labor cost.

Profile max cross section area: 100*100*3mm.

Min. bending radius: section height* 5-8.


Technical/Mechanical Data

Hydraulic Power: 30T
Individual Roller Speed: 1-14rpm, Continuously adjustable
Y/U-axis Repositioning Accuracy: 0.03mm
Y-axis Stroke: 330mm
U-axis Stroke: 120mm
Shaft Diameter: 80mm
Shaft Length: 315mm

Torque: 6000N.m( upper roller 3400N.m,lower roller 1600N.m)
Roller Distance: 280-762mm
Drive System: Hydraulic motor
Power Supply: 3 Phase, 380V,50Hz, 20KVA
Weight: 2400Kg
Dimension(L*W*H): 1575*1400*950mm



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