Hydraulic bending machine is the use of hydraulic control of the bending machine, hydraulic bending machine through reasonable design, as well as the unique rebound control technology, the use of neutral layer control technology, has the characteristics of good bending quality, bending ability, can realize the automatic mechanical operation of unmanned control.

CNC stretching bending machine

CNC stretching bending machine

Hydraulic bending machine bending quality is good:
In the relative bending radius allows, cavity, complex section of the profile can be formed at one time, the section will not be distorted, the inner wall will not wrinkle. After spraying, electrophoresis, electroplating, polishing, drawing and other materials can be directly drawn and bent, without damage to the surface of the material. Due to the cold hardening of metal materials, the comprehensive mechanical properties of materials can be improved after tensile bending. Visible bending machine bending quality is good!

The bending capacity of hydraulic tension bending machine is strong:
The maximum length of the bending machine can reach 13 meters! For projects with longer arc length, installation efficiency can be improved, installation cost can be reduced, materials can be saved and engineering quality can be improved.
The maximum tensile force of the bending machine can reach 120 tons! It can also lift the weight as light to the material with strong yield, easily realize bending, effectively eliminate the residual stress inside the material, and the product has good dimensional stability.

High precision of hydraulic pulling:
The bending radius of the bending machine is not limited when the mechanical properties of the material (elongation) are allowed, and the position accuracy is over 0.01mm. It can realize the perfect bending of each stretch and bending, and the super high accuracy makes the specifications of each workpiece have a unified standard!

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