On YouTube, I saw a lot of people using very primitive equipment to bend metal. I often wonder why they don’t use CNC roll bending machines.

Later, I came to understand that some people just like to share their hands-on ability, while others don’t know G Clef.,Ltd. Can produce automatic bending machine.

G Clef.,Ltd. Production of automatic bending machine CNC rolling bending machine, CNC stretching bending machine and other models.

G Clef.,Ltd. ‘s CNC rolling and bending machine is capable of bending circular, curvature arc, and three-dimensional arc shape workpiece. In fact, G Clef.,Ltd. can not only produce CNC rolling bending machine which can automatically bend, but also strive to produce CNC stretching bending machine. In China, many new energy vehicle companies are now competing fiercely to produce car components such as bumper beams, or bumpers.

G Clef.,Ltd. ‘s CNC stretcher helps them produce bumpers that meet safety standards. Because G Clef.,Ltd. has been studying bending technology for many years and has accumulated a large amount of technical patent knowledge and bending experience. This helps G Clef.,Ltd. produce bending machines that meet requirements.

At present, G Clef.,Ltd. is looking for partners in bending industry, welcome to join us!