Tube Bending Machine GR-CNC-A89D

Equipped with CNC system, G Clef tube bending machine has bending capabilities of multi-radius, multi-angle, multi-direction. Adopting original eccentric bending technology, it can realize small radius bending. Moreover, there is no need of manual correction after bending. It can be adapted to a wide range of machines (robot grippers, drilling devices, etc.), and realize automated production.


Technical/Mechanical Data

Bending Capacity: 89x3mm
Bending Way:

1. single radius with single layer tooling
2. multi-radius with single layer tooling (like ellispe)
3. Eccentric bending
Bending Radius: max: unlimited, min: 2 times of profile diameter
Bending Angle: any
Tube Feeding Length: 5000mm max
File Storage Capacity: over 10,000,000 programs
1. Input DXF or STP drawing
2. Enter values accordingly



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