Roll bending machine was originally used for industrial workpiece bending machinery, and the construction industry originally did not have curtain wall design.With the development of technology, the improvement of people’s aesthetic and design ability, as time goes on, roll bending machine and the construction industry are also connected.

The improvement of roll bending machine has never stopped, at present the G Clef roll bending machine is equipped with NC system, have the ability of automatic bending, hydraulic system, the selection pressure also let bending ability has been greatly promoted, not only can bend small artifacts, but also can bend large workpiece – as mentioned above the building curtain wall with metal parts.

The design of the building also keeps pace with The Times, introducing many new mechanical theories and new physical applications from the traditional square appearance, thus generating a steady stream of new ideas.Such as Beijing’s “big underpants”, the Bird’s Nest, the Water Cube, to Shanghai’s tilting and rotating tower, and the Guangzhou Tower in the south…Every building is stunning, but it can’t be built without the same industrial production machinery that keeps it up to date, such as the roll bending machine that bends the work pieces of the building’s curtain wall.

The development and upgrading of industrial technology requires continuous research and development and manufacturing, as well as continuous improvement in application, which is different from the Internet and more dependent on creativity and execution.Each industrial machine embodies the long-term efforts and wisdom of the r&d staff, as well as the efforts and persistence of the staff in the continuous error checking and feedback in the production operation.

Since its establishment, High spectrum has been continuously invested in research and development. The CNC rolling machine developed has strong bending capacity, so that more architectural design has the conditions to achieve, so that modern buildings add a lot of attractive appearance curtain wall:Spirals, curves and so on, they are beautiful on the outside and more human on the inside — such buildings are not only beautiful, but also more comfortable…