1. the use of the bending machine also has matters needing attention: such as starting the rolling machine before carefully checking whether the motor, switch, line and grounding is normal, checking whether the operating parts of the equipment, control keys stop in the correct position.
  2. roll bending machine is a processing tool for bending straight profiles, is a subdivision of bending machine, can be processed into the workpiece round, oval, curvature circular arc and other complex arc.
  3. The working process of the rolling and bending machine: adjust the adjusting roller to press down (forward) step by step. The material can be bent to the desired radius (radians).
  4. bending machine according to the bending curvature classification, can be divided into equal curvature bending machine and variable curvature bending machine.
  5. roll bending machine according to the structural design classification, can be divided into vertical roll bending machine and horizontal roll bending machine.
  6. bending machine according to the bending capacity classification, can be divided into S bending CNC bending machine, one-way CNC bending machine and THREE-DIMENSIONAL CNC bending machine, and free bending CNC bending machine.
  7. The rolling machine is classified according to the number of rollers. can be divided into three roller bending machines, four roller bending machines, six roller bending machines, etc.
  8. the scope of application of rolling bending machine: used in automobile, aerospace, rail transit elevator, conveying guide rail, doors and Windows, curtain wall, decoration engineering, ships, lighting and other industries of circular arc bending workpiece production.
  9. rolling machines also need maintenance: although G Clef roll bending machines have good reliability, high precision, compact and easy to operate, but also pay attention to the environment and equipment clean, clean and maintain the machine after use, timely replacement of easy to wear parts, to achieve sustainable processing, durable purpose.