G Clef CNC Roll Bender provide un-matched reliability, outstanding production cycle times. 
These CNC Roll Bending Machines markedly are the first machines in G Clef’s profile section range that are fully computer-controlled. In effect, this technology allows for producing elliptical shapes on a large scale with unbeatable repeatability. The CNC Profile Bending Machines range is able to put multiple radiuses into a single profile using both progressive and direct pressure. Opening up a new sector for product manufacture.
The user-friendly CNC controls system make this series a popular choice. They are popular for profile bending sub-contractors, aluminium window and door producers, along with greenhouse manufacturers and also other similar industries.
The F CNC Roll Bender series takes profile bending to the next level and allows the production of products that is just not possible on A and B series section bender machines. It provide manual and fully automatic working cycle.

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