Health is the foundation of people’s meaningful life, so people also pay attention to health, as well as exercise, fitness and other things to keep healthy.This led to the development and progress of contemporary fitness equipment. Similarly, the production and manufacturing of fitness equipment also need the roll bending machine, which can turn the design into a physical machine, and also promote the updating of the rolling bending machine.

Indoor exercise equipment commonly used by people include leg lifts, kick trainers, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills and rowing machines.Or common outdoor machines, such as: the leg massager, sit implement, skiing, sit implement, three arms tractor, dangling wheel, double children seesaw, back massager, three turn waist, taiji push plate, stroll, big double wheel, treadmill, seated cable machine, etc., there are some accord with human body curve the curvature of the arc structure artifacts.These workpiece often need to use rolling bending machine to bend manufacturing, to achieve high efficiency, precise specification of the purpose of unity.

Why not use stretch bending machine or other bending machine to manufacture?This is related to the characteristics of the rolling bending machine.Rolling bending machine using three points to determine the principle of a circle, can continuous bending processing, compared with the use of stretching bending machine operation, rolling bending machine bending processing is more efficient.