Car Bumper Stretch Bending Machine

CNC Stretch Bending Machine & Stretch Forming Machine for automotive car Roof Rail , Bumper, Pillar. CPK beyond 1.67


Automatically detects the yield strength of the material and automatically adjusts the tension force. When start bending, the tension force is corresponding with the position, so the material will never break.

Each axis is servo control, which precisely control of the tension force and displacement in real time; For thin materials, the jaw can adjust the clamping force and clamping speed, will never pinch off the material.

1, Individual axis servo control the real-time tension and position precisely;

2, Stretching can be chose to tension mode or position mode;

3, Automatically detects material yield strength and adjusts tensile force;

4, NC program self-learning, automatically generate die parameters;

5, The quality of the bent product is stable and the precision is consistent.;

6, No reply on skilled workers;

7, Energy saving, environmental protection, solving the heating problem of hydraulic system



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