2D/3D Roll Bending Machine G-CNC-B45T

Horizontal roll bending machine B45T can bend multi-radius arc, ellipse, parabola and other curvature. 2D or 3D bending function is available. With CNC control system and servo-drive technology, it can achieve high-quality bending and help you get rid of the dependence of operating experience, reducing your labor cost.

Profile max cross section area: 150*100*3mm.

Min. bending radius: section height* 5-8.


Technical/Mechanical Data

Hydraulic Power: 45T
Individual Roller Speed: 1-14rpm, Continuously adjustable
Y/U-axis Repositioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
Y-axis Stroke: 500mm
U-axis Stroke: 150mm
Shaft Diameter: 105mm

Shaft Length: 330mm

Torque: 7500N.m

Roller Distance: 400-1100mm
Roller Drive: Closed Servo-Drive Hydraulic Motor,4 KW

Power Supply: 3 Phase, 380V,50Hz, 39KVA
Weight: 3500Kg
Dimension(L*W*H): 2237*1630*1784mm



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