Bumper Beam Stretch Bending Machine

Bumper Beam Stretch Bending Machine is specially designed for bumper beam, roof rail , pillar and other automotive components. With the technology of stress neutral layer control and spring-back control, G Clef stretch bending machine is able to avoid wrinkles, fractures and other problems, and ensure the bending quality. The positioning accuracy reaches 0.03mm, enabling the qualification rate to reach 99%. Combined with other device like robotic arm and drilling device, an automation workstation can be designed based on customer’s need and significantly improve production efficiency.


Technical/Mechanical Data

  • Model:SFM-CNC-B2D55T-2500
  • Stretch Power: 35T,55T and 85T
  • Max. Profilel Length: 1.8m
  • Position Accuracy: ≤+0.03mm
  • Controlable Stretch Power: 0.5 to 85T
  • Jaw Position Reset: Servo control
  • Mandrel Stroke: 800mm(customizable)

Production Data

  • Cycle Time: 35-55s
  • Qualification Rate: 99%
  • Tolerance: datum points <±0.5mm, Flatness <±0.5mm
  • Positioning: end induction or positioning hole by drilling
  • Clamping Area Length: 30-80mm
  • Depth of Clamping Scratch: 0.3-0.5mm



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