Metal Bending Machine F25T for Sale

CNC Angle Roll Bending Machine for automotive bumper pillar roof rail, ISO:16949 Compliant. OEM Replacement Parts. On-Site Training.



Metal Bending Machine is a kind of cold bending equipment for metal profiles, also a commonly used bending machine for aluminum alloy profiles. Such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, metal square pipe, metal round pipe and various metal special-shaped profiles.

The shapes that can be processed are round, arc, ellipse, parabola and so on. Metal bending machines are two types, for example, vertical and horizontal. They’re easy to operate, low cost, as well as suitable for cold bending forming of small and medium-sized materials.

Metal Bending Machine Features

  1. Hydraulic system: 27 liters of fuel tank, 2.2KW hydraulic motor, adjustable pressure (2-15MPa), servo closed loop control, air cooling system.
  2. Control valve: Pressure proportional valve – cylinder pressure controllable, servo valve – cylinder position controllable,Speed controllable (motion controller).
  3. Hydraulic pump: Cylinder inner diameter 100mm, 220 travel, NOK seal kit, dedicated to servo system.
  4. We own completely self-made software system patent, no worry of any restriction from a third party.
  5. Solving the problem of making consistent section by unstable raw material.

Metal Bending Machine Benefits

Car Pillar Roll Bending Machine is a model full of power , as well as can easily satisfied for various aluminum profile and stainless steel section. The G Clef program can accurately calculate spring back compensation for multiple radii. That is to say, 3 roll variable axis profile bending machines are capable for bending metal profile.

They are very precise and easy to use. Firstly, the three shafts are driven by three independent hydraulic motors, and three planetary reducers connected directly to each roll to achieve a higher torque transmission. Secondly, roll bending allows for a section to be curved a full 360. Thirdly, this method of curving is expert in large radius bends, also it works best with symmetrical sections.

Therefore, G Clef bending machine has been recognized by more and more customers in China with its unique skilled technology, know-how, experience.

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