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CNC Roll Bending Machine for windows and doors metal profile bending, also the Pipe Tube Section Angle Bar, Contact us to get the best price.



Roll Bending Machine G-CNC-B25T is Automatic CNC control, for example, it adopts servo technique, rational design and CNC control system. Therefore, It represents the perfect combination of machinery, electronic and hydraulic design.

The B-type series CNC Roll Bending Machine is suitable to large material, for example, the Windows and Doors profile.  For example, every individual roller drive by our unique servo hydraulic system. The G Clef bending machine has been recognized by more and more customers in China with its unique skilled technology, that is to say, know-how experience.

G Clef is able to curve extruded and brake-formed profiles in Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other exotic metals.G Clef will provide customized tooling design services accordingly, by providing various methods for bending depends on higher rotation speeds with full drive torque throughout the speed range.

CNC Roll Bending Machine Parameter

Technical data
Power, X-axis 25T
Resolution and positioning Y-axis 0.01mm
3 individually driven rollers infinitely variable transmission 1-14rpm
Front rollers center adjustable 362-762 mm
Tool holder ⌀ 80mm
Rollers high 330mm
Torque 4847N.m
Travel ( controlled Y-axis) 400mm
Hydraulic drive, Servomotor 5.5KW
Roller drive, electrical power 3.7KW
Power Supply 380V, 50HZ, 26.8A
Weight 2600KG
L*W*H 2037*1300*2148mm

Machine Features

Advanced measurement function for material spring back, CNC data will be automatically updated according to the measurement result,thus no more negative influence from material spring back.

With the servo hydraulic system, in short the benefits are as follow:
1.Stable , as well as controllable hydraulic pressure in the whole bending process.
2.Because the Overflow valve working time is shorten, and the oil temperature is dropped, thus it completely solving the oil temperature problems caused by Summer, in turn it will absolutely increase accuracy.
3.High electricity usage efficiency, as well as Reducing sound pollution.
4.Three independent rollers, stepless speed regulation, rollers’ speed auto matching, thus difference between roller linear speeds (Outer and inner radius) can be offset, and no more scratch marks on appearance.

Roll Bending Machine Advantages

Firstly, Automatic CNC bending systems, just input your profile dwg or CAD drawing to our machine, as a result, there’s no need to reply on experienced workers. The system is Easy to learn and Easy to operate, therefore it only need 1-2 days, then any fresh man can easily understand the program.
Secondly, High push force, high accuracy hydraulic close-loop control system, repeatability positioning accuracy reach 0.01mm.
Thirdly, Anyone can operate, high-precision and repeat production, regardless of people Motion control, bending algorithm, low energy consumption Hydraulic control 0.01mm, cnc system, automatic generation of running program
Fourthly, Less than 5 materials, theoretical digital approach.
Finally,  Applications includes Aerospace, new energy vehicles, rail transit, escalators, wind power nuclear energy.

Bending: Backrest Frame for Reference

major axis=600mm Minor axis=400mm
Material: wild steel
Profile: 10 x 30mm,1.5mm thick, one joint only

Roll bending machine CNC control program system

1. Load a DXF file to the CNC system from a USB Memory Stick, after that the DXF can be automatically converted to bending program.
2. Program generated based on drawing input
3. Another way for ellipse grogram generation
a.Click the ellipse button , then input value of long and short axis.
b.Set the start angle ,as well as the end angle as you need.
c.Clip “output”, then ellipse start to generate.

CNC Operation System

1、As for elliptical, S curve, Achimedean line, splines,  obviously one time or many times bending are possible.
2、CAD date can be directly loaded onto the system, then generate bending program.
3、Automatic generation of roller size , as well as wheelbase.
4、Exclusive core calculation and working parameter, as well as the auto counting for the springback of material, thus fully realize the smoothness and symmetry of different curvatures.
5、As for the material unsure of springback modulus, enter the actual radius after bending, then auto calculation will be made by the system to correct with good radius.
6、Computer windows system, as well as the internal network are easy to work in the company. Not to mention the infinite program saving, 15 inch industrial LCD and simple man-machine operation.

Roll Bending Machine Component List

Part Specification Brand
Body Tempered high strength steel structures, well machined G Clef
Shaft 42CrMo4v, Cast steel G Clef
Bearing Conical bearing SKF
Control System IPC, 8 axis closed loop controlled CNC system Googoltech
Main Hydraulic pump 5.5KW Haitian
Servo oil pump 16CC gear within gear pump MARZOCCHI
Electric motor Variable frequency motor Taiwan CBG
Encoder 2000 count/turn NEMICON
Photoelectric detector Banner
Position detector EESX671 channel shape photoelectric detector Omron
Low voltage components 32A contactor 、 Φ22 switch button Eton
Grating Ruler Stroke 420mm, Resolution 0.001 Sino

Roll Bending Machine Apply field:

For example: New energy vehicles, Rail transportation, Escalators, Aerospace, Lighting, Furniture, Construction, Doors and windows curtain wall, Bathroom hardware, Decorative works, Fitness equipment, All kinds of profiles bending

Max. Bending ability: 80 * 80 * 3; Min. radius: T*5

Company Introduction

To customer it’s only a problem but for us it will be a mandatory mission! Regarding the wrapping, collapse, twist, bulge, asymmetry, unsmooth, small radius, S curve, elliptical and splines,  likewise, they all do harm to the efficiency, time and cost. Thus we need to provide with a complete customized solution.

Our creative solutions have already approved by some famous companies, for instance,  the new energy automotive, elevator, aerospace, lighting and construction industry. That is to say, the advices we got from customers bring us power to move forward!

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