Large roll bending machine used to deal with large workpiece roll bending and bending processing, is the most perfect thing. But there is a word for “rough,” which means that something thick is often not very detailed. So is there a high enough precision, also can deal with the large workpiece bending processing of the large roll bending machine?

There really is such a large rolling machine! The 3d CNC rolling machine (model: G-CNC-F25T) produced by G Clef long-term RESEARCH and development investment has reached 25T hydraulic force, and still maintains the Y-axis repeated positioning accuracy of more than 0.01mm!

Other parameters are also very top: three axis independent control, with continuously variable speed up to 11 RPM; Torque can also reach 5510N.m.

Strong working ability, let its size shape is also a big: length 2700mm* width 2200mm* height 2200mm, and weight up to 4800kg!

Such a large roll bending machine, is a roll bending machine manufacturer – G Clef launched three-dimensional bending machine, is able to carry out three-dimensional bending processing of the workpiece. Therefore, whether it is lighting parts, furniture parts bending, fitness equipment, doors and Windows curtain wall and so on, like high-tech aerospace, emerging industries such as energy vehicles are also applied to such a THREE-DIMENSIONAL CNC rolling machine.

Large rolling machine (G-CNC-F25T type) bulky, but it is really a sophisticated THREE-DIMENSIONAL NUMERICAL control rolling machine, the use of numerical control system, hydraulic servo technology, is the combination of machine, electrical and hydraulic products. It is a flexible, efficient and accurate rolling machine. The original core algorithm and control technology of G Clef make the operation simple and easy to use at the same time, but also flexible. It can be called as the advanced rolling machine in China.

The machine is suitable for bending all kinds of metal profiles. According to the ductility of different profiles with different radii, you can choose one molding and multiple molding to complete the ductility and expansion of various materials, and minimize the deformation and springback in the molding process. The roll bending machine can carry on two-dimensional bending to the workpiece, can also carry on three-dimensional bending, can make the plane of the workpiece, but also can bend out of three-dimensional exquisite workpiece.