Universal Stretch Bending Machine

With the technology of stress neutral layer control and spring-back control, G Clef stretch bending machine is able to avoid wrinkles, fractures and other problems, and ensure the bending quality. The positioning accuracy reaches 0.03mm, enabling the qualification rate to reach over 96%. There is no need for manual correction of finished profile. With high production efficiency, it can satisfy your needs of large-batch production. Moreover, It can be used in combination with drilling and laser marking to significantly improve production efficiency.


Technical/Mechanical Data

Model: SFM-CNC-A2D55T-4500

Stretch Power: 20T,35T,55T,85T,100T and120T

Max. Profile Length: 4.5m, 6m, 8.5m, 11m and 13m

Position Accuracy: ≤±0.03mm

Jaw Rotating Torque: 6600N.m

Jaw Lifting Heigh: 200mm

Round Jaw

Square Jaw

Jaw Movement



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