3D Stretch Bending Machine

3D Stretch Bending Machine can satisfy your needs of multi-direction bending, with optional stretch power from 2 tons to 35 tons. With the technology of stress neutral layer control and spring-back control, G Clef stretch bending machine is able to avoid wrinkles, fractures and other problems, and ensure the bending quality. The positioning accuracy reaches 0.03mm, enabling the qualification rate of this machine to reach over 99%.



Technical/Mechanical Data

Model: SFM-CNC-A3D20T-3500
Stretch Power: 2T,8T,20T and 35T
Max. Profile Length: 3m
Position Accuracy:≤±0.03mm
Controlable Stretch Power: 0.5 to 35 T
Jaw Position Reset: Servo Control
Mandrel Stroke: 800mm (customizable)

Production Data

Cycle Time: 20-30s
Qualification Rate: 99%
Tolerance: datum points <±0.5mm
Positioning: positioning hole by drilling
Clamping Area Length: 30-50mm
Working Time: 7*24h

3D Roof Rack

A Pillar

Window Channel



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