Generally speaking, the large stretching and bending machine refers to the drawing and bending machine that can process large specifications and large size workpieces. The old bending opportunity to use bending, bending and other ways to bend, without eliminating the internal stress of the workpiece, bending is easy to rebound, deformation. However, the current advanced stretching and bending process has applied hooke’s law, the principle of neutral layer and other advanced scientific theories, which can eliminate the internal stress, a molding does not rebound. So what are the advanced large pull bending machines?

G Clef bending machine small 15 tons of tension, to the large tension up to 120 tons of tension of the bending machine. As a r & D and manufacturing enterprise, can also customize new models for you. Here (image size does not mean actual size) :



G Clef. large stretching and bending machine is also equipped with a NUMERICAL control system, which can intelligently analyze the tension required by materials, and easily realize the processing of different materials; The huge tension lifting weight is light, facing different shapes and different uses of the workpiece, can not only achieve two villa bend, can also achieve three villa bend. At present, it is widely used in fine drawing, bending and machining of large parts such as aerospace, ship, train/bullet train and automobile.

Large stretch bending machine needs to stretch bending parts are characterized by large radius of curvature, the workpiece is also relatively large. But in front of G Clef. large bending machine, everything is solved.



Large bending machine has been playing an important role in the process of modern society, G Clef is still continuing to develop new bending solutions, and continue to move forward.