The conveying track has the characteristics of high density operation and conveying, and is often used in industrial production, as well as the bullet train track commonly used by people to travel, which is also a manifestation of the conveying track. The rolling and bending machine bending conveying track is a common process of processing and manufacturing conveying track.

G Clef r & D and manufacturing of a series of bending machine has two dimensional bending machine, three dimensional rolling complete, vertical bending machine, horizontal bending machine, bending machine hydraulic pressure range from 10 tons to 120 tons, can bend processing common lighting parts to rail transit trains and other large parts, not to say, bending industrial use of the conveying track.

The bending conveying track of the rolling machine needs accurate bending, and the precision of the G Clef rolling machine can reach 0.001mm, far beyond the bending accuracy of the general rolling machine, can well meet the majority of the workpiece, so the bending processing of the conveying track is naturally applied to the rolling machine.