Stretch bending is a very intricate process that has evolved in many ways over the years. This process is vital to the manufacturing of parts, changing it completely. Surprisingly, many people are unaware of the evolution of this manufacturing process through the years. In this article, you will learn the development of stretch bending in manufacturing.


Stretch bending is part of metal forming where the metal is bent or “stretched” to create perfectly shaped automotive parts. A machine called a stretch press usually performs this process, shaping multiple different types of metal. When used in manufacturing, stretch bending helps to create automotive parts. These parts are often stronger as well as lighter than ever before, as a result of using very strong materials and working with higher quality machines. As an associate works the sheet of metal through the machine, it strengthens the metal, helping it to keep the specific shape needed. This process continues to make a huge impact on the manufacturing world.


Even though the manufacturing world evolves and changes in small ways, the main process always stays the same. Not only does the process work; it works well. There are many ways stretch bending has affected manufacturing. Some of the main ways include the following:

Reduced Labor Cost- As stated above, the work is being done by a machine, quickly and efficiently. In turn, this alleviates the need for a multitude of workers significantly reducing labor costs.

Reduced Tooling Cost- Without the stretch bending process, you need multiple tools to create each piece. However, with the help of this process, major parts can be created with one piece of metal.

Less Waste- Due to the precision of the stretch press, fewer materials and parts go to waste. Every piece of metal is worked properly through the stretch press machine.

Better Efficiency- When using the stretch bending process in manufacturing, it leaves less room for error, which is a direct result of a machine doing the work. Every minute an associate uses these stretch presses, they create another amazing auto part.

As you can see, stretch bending helps create more auto parts than ever before. As a result, it provides your company with more revenue. With the impact of this process on manufacturing, the industry can continue to grow and evolve.


Stretch bending continues to improve within the manufacturing industry. It allows you to use a variety of metals that are stronger and more resilient. For this reason, the parts produced are of a greater quality. The process also adds numerous benefits to the industry, such as efficiency, reduced cost, and less waste. All of these translate into higher revenue over time. If you have questions about the stretch bending process,learn more form video:bending machine on YouTube,or contact us, G Clef. We produce tens of millions of rolled and stamped metal parts for huge suppliers every single year. For the best high-quality parts you can find, contact us by phone or email.