More and more modern tall buildings, villas, hotels are rising from the ground, their appearance is beautiful, the interior is comfortable and full of humanity. In interior design, what changes most among them should be the stair that meander twists and turns — appropriate stair design, let interior space get full use, have aesthetic feeling at the same time. Among them, the spiral staircase, the special-shaped staircase occupies a small space, especially suitable for the current real estate building design; Even in luxurious villa, arc staircase also lets the space add a qu Mei feeling.  And lift this part of stairs, first of all understand the important machine that lets these stairs realize in reality — roll bend machine!

Roll bending machine with the progress of science and technology, also in the continuous development and evolution. From the traditional hand control roll bending machine, to equipped with CNC automation console roll bending machine, so that the bending and processing capacity of the roll bending machine has become more and more powerful. For example, the bending pressure of G Clef hydraulic roller bending machine reaches 25T, which can not only bend small parts, but also automatically process and bend the arc workpiece of the stairs. The restriction that lets processing craft no longer the design of shackle stair, the residence that lets people more follow, more comfortable.

The CNC roll bending machine developed and produced by G Clef is not only a rolling machine, its strong bending processing ability, but also like a right-hand man in the process of achieving a better life!