Pipe Bender

Introducing the pipe bender from our trusted and reliable own brand G Clef, a durable pipe and tube bender that allows you to create ripple-free and precise bends in a range of materials such as copper, steel, aluminium and more. This CNC pipe bender is capable of bending the outer diameter what you want and tubes with ease and features a gauge, providing you with a reliable guide to work with. This pipe bender is constructed using durable metal , providing enhanced comfort and control system.

Features and benefits

An ideal machine for air condition, refrigeration or central heating, installation engineers
Suitable for bending tube, can be used for annealed copper, aluminium and steel tubing


Pipe benders are a type of CNC machine designed for creating ripple-free and clean bends in pipes with precision, with many including guides and rollers for use with tubes and pipes. Pipe bending tools are available in a range of sizes to accommodate for various pipe diameters and materials, such as copper, aluminium and steel. Pipe and tube benders are commonly used by plumbers, however, they can also be used for DIY projects, installation engineering, automotive repairs and more.

What the Pipe bender for

With the G Clef CNC pipe bending machine, you are able to create clean and precise bends in pipes and tubes made from various materials with ease, without the aid of a pipe bending spring.

What material is this suitable for?

This CNC pipe and tube bender is ideal for use with a range of materials including copper, aluminium and steel.

G Clef

G Clef Bending Technology Co., LTD is a fast developed company. The company is now taking the leading position in developing and manufacturing CNC roll bending and stretch forming machine . Specialized in cold bending area our products are mainly used for automotive, aerospace, lighting and furniture bending application.

As a high-tech enterprise we have our own developed software , independent core technology and a number of patents. G Clef is determined to become the world’s top integrated bending system supplier

G Clef brings you a wide range of high-quality, great value products offering you more choice. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every G Clef product has been rigorously tested against demanding industry standards; they’re only given the G Clef seal of approval if we’re confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be confident too.

There’s a live video of our pipe bending machine on YouTube

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