As we all know, the best temper for bending is T4. But T4 materials are soft. They easily get collided, deformed and scratched during transportation. Aging T4 to T6 can harden the materials and improve the quality of bend works by 20% – 30%. What’s more, as for bend works fabricated by roll bender, they just reduced the stress, not eliminated the stress. The remaining or residual stress would cause spring back after 2-3 days. Aging the bend works in time could guarantee the quality of bending. So, a aging furnace is necessary for a bending fabricating plant.

G Clef Bending Technology is the only factory equipped with both advanced CNC benders and aging furnaces in China so far. Welcome to contact us if you have any demands for bending, thanks!

Reference: Aging Process

The heat treatment process of aging uses the application of heat to a change the properties of an alloy. The aging process is used after other heat treating processes to set the properties of the alloy which results in increased strength and durability. The process of aging happens naturally over time but the use of heat expedites the process and is performed in an aging furnace or oven. For each alloy that goes through the aging process, there is a unique range of time-temperature combinations to which it will respond.