Tube Bender | CNC Machine B15T

3D CNC Tube Bender Machine for Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper and other material. Automatic control system to improve work efficiency.


Tube Bender Description

Through the G Clef tube bender unique software, you can realize precise profile bending with variable curvature, work efficiency can be greatly improved, labor cost can be saved, the operation is simple, and very easy learning.

Whether it is profile, pipe, square tube, G Clef not only sells the bending machine, but also provides the corresponding bending solutions for the customers. With G Clef bending solution and experience, the customer will be in the leading position in the bending peer!

Difference between G Clef and Other Brands

1) Roller Bearing
G Clef: Sweden SKF
Other : Unpopular Brands, Not durable, Easy to get worn out, large radial run-out

2) Hydraulic power system
G Clef: Drived by servo motor, it starts only when needed, and stops when it’s not. So it can controlled the oil temperature to endure long-time operation.
Other : Ordinary motor plus vane pump, with serious heating problems, short service life, can’t endure long-time operation.

3) Positioning sensors
G Clef: Grating ruler, Top roller repeat positioning accuracy<=0.01mm
Other : Cable pull rotary encoder, low precision

4) Roller motors
G Clef: Individual servo motor controlled, to guarantee the linear speeds of 3 rollers are in conformity with each other.
Other : Controlled by ordinary motors, can’t not guarantee the 3 rollers’ linear speeds. Slipping happened between profile material and moulds, thus diminish the precision.

5) CNC control system
G Clef: Visualized human-computer interface, machine can be operated by workers without any programming knowledge.
Other : Programming knowledge is required to operate the machines, thus long-time training is necessary.

6) Multiple times bending
G Clef: The whole bending process can be divided into multiple times repeated roll bending, in other words, with small bending radius increment each time. In this way, it can relieve material inner stress, thus the radius rebound is at minimum.
Other : Non-CNC system can only perform 1 time bending, and material inner stress can’t be relieved, thus radius will rebounds after a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tube Bender

1) How many set of rolling wheels come w/ the machine?
Generally we only need 3 rolling wheels to bend the profile. Let’s just say that, for furniture and windows profile bending requirement, the dimension tolerance in twist, arc deviation and flatness are generally within 1.5mm.

But to acchieve a better dimension precision, like within 1mm, then we recommend 4 rollers solution. So yes, 3 rollers is our standard accessory.

2) Are the wheels made of any special metal?
To bend Aluminum, for example, we use POM plastic wheels. And to bend steel pipe or else, for instance, sometimes we use Cr12 Steel. It’s all about the appearance protection.

3) Do we need any special computer programs to run this machine?
Our self-developed CNC control system run on Microsoft Windows system, thus you can treat it like a micro-laptop, in other words, you can simply use the USB flash disk to transfer the CAD drawing document.

4) Can the wheels from the 2D machine use on the 3D machine and vice versa?
Yes, you just need to check the “tool holder” in the machine specification on the catalogue. If the parameter is the same, then we can use the wheels on both the 2D and 3D machine.

Frequently Asked Questions 2

5) What do we base on to calculate which machine to use – 12tons or 25tons? The wall thickness of the profile to be bend?
We have a in-build calculator inside our own developed CNC program, thus we simply just need to input the material and the section size, then we get the pressure.

Our client can evaluate the feasibility of the bending requirement by simply input the tube size and section into the CNC calculator. And if your insist to proceed the bending beyond the machine’s capacity, then it will set off the alarm system inside the CNC, and CNC will force all of the mechanical units to stop working.

However the operator can still manage to shut down the alarm system and make the machine keep working, as long as he fully understand what’s at risk.

6) What’s the min & max dia profile for each wheel to bend?
Min dia is, the section width (check image 2, the t length ) multiply 6. If the dia become too small, the profile will be break or rupture. Max dia is infinite.

Frequently Asked Questions 3

7) Can we bend irregular (to round or square) profiles in any of the machine? If so, do we need any special wheel?
This problem is so complicate.
So it’s better you send us the drawing, then I will explain to you why we can do and why we can’t.

8) How do we feed the drawing into yr control panel? What format/file to use?
Generally we feed CAD (.dwg) format/file.

9) Any special training required to run the machine?
It only take 1 week to train the new beginner. However some other brands machine may require operator with programming knowledge, but our machine does not.

10) Where is the made of the hydraulic cylinders used in the machine? China made?
We make the hydraulic cylinders in our own factory, because our boss think in this way we can guarantee our product quality.

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