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3 Roller Bending Machine Manufacturer, CNC automatic control for Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, profile, pipe, tube, plate, section, bar.



3 Roller Bending Machine Description

In the 3 roller bending machine running process,  according to the requirements of the shape of the component , the equipment and certain tools and dies are used to bend the profile or section steel into a certain shape.

The profile bending machine is a 3 rollers profile bending machine. The two side down rollers of the machine are the main driving rollers, or three working rollers are the main driving rollers. Besides,  the position of the upper roller is fixed.

Each side roller corresponds to the upper roller for linear lifting movement, hydraulic control, and displacement digital display, that is to say, it is easy to controlling the profile forming process.

There are CNC control rollers and distortion correction devices on both sides to ensure the rolling and forming quality of the double side asymmetric cross-section profiles.

3 roller bending machine instruction

1. First, turn on the power, then turn on the switch key on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, so that you can hear the sound of the oil pump. (The machine is not working at this time)

2. Rollers Stroke adjustment, you must pay attention to adjusting the stroke when using the roll bending machine, and be sure to test run before bending. When lower the upper die of the bending machine to the bottom, the bending of the profile thickness must be ensured. Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold and the machine.

3. When the upper sliding rollers and each positioning axis are not in the origin state, the reset program will run.

4. After the profile bending machine starts, then it will run for 1-2 minutes, and the upper roller will move 2-3 times. If any abnormal sound or malfunction appear, then stop immediately and the malfunction will be eliminated.

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