3D CNC Roll Bending Machine A25T2Z

CNC 3d roll bending machine for profile, tube, pipe, angle and section. Also available for Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper.



Roll Bending Machine Descriptions

CNC Roll Bending Machine is a very high-profile representative model. However, It is vertical and it can perform three-dimension roll bending. For example, We made 3D profiles in a festive decoration project, and the automotica car frame roof rack bumper pillar.

This profile look like a bird cage, which was very difficult at that time, but G Clef still make it by our team. Moreover, the structure of this model is very compact and flexible. There are not only one Y axis, two X axes, but also two Z axes can control the direction of motion from inside to outside.cnc bending machine programming

So that it can not only complete the shape of the plane. Because of the unique algorithm of G Clef, it is very suitable for processing automotive parts, car A-pillar, roof rack and decorative engineering parts.

3 Rollers Bending Machine Features

  1. Servo pump technology, reduce a lot hydraulic heating problem, improve saving energy ability significantly.
  2. We own completely self-made software system patent, therefore don’t worry of any restriction from a third party.
  3. Solving the problem of making consistent section by unstable raw material.

 CNC Rolling Bending Machine Benefits

  • 15 inch touch screen operation , Graphic input and user-friendly interface.
  • Highly skilled operator not a necessity.
  • USB or Ethernet data input (CAD 2D or 3D data automatically input,  thus no manual input needed, and increase operational efficiency )
  • Compatible seamlessly with office OS, and the Multiple language options.
  • Insensitive to thickness variations and materials variations.

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