CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine A12T-2Z

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CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine, 3 rollers CNC hydraulic control for your Stainless steel Aluminum AL alloy Copper, also the Tube Pipe Profile Section, etc.


Profile Bending Machine Description

CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine adopts servo technique, rational design and CNC control system. Thus it represents the perfect combination of machinery, electronic and hydraulic design.

Automatic CNC control roll bender features includes:  Firstly, Advanced measurement function for material spring back. Secondly, CNC data will be automatically updated. Then according to the measurement result, thus no more negative influence from material spring back.

CNC Control System

1、The multi-languages panel display are available in the control system.

2、The equiment uses PC industial computer control, and the human-computer interface, plus the official edition Win 7 or above computer control system.

3、The control system uses standard hardware configuration, such as monitor, printer,keyboard.  Moreover, It can also uses all the PC softwares, like Microsoft Office and so on.

4. By connecting the Ethernet network, it provides high speed communication. Thus the data can be input and output by standard Ethernet interface, or USB interface from the computer.

5. The control system is equipped with remote diagnosis system. Therefore, this function will allow the technical department, and maintenance staffs, to connect and monitor machine functioning in remote, through Enternet connection.

6. The whole equiment control system is fulfilled by a control console. For example, it includes all the buttons, switches, indicator lamps. Flat panel monitor, keyboard and mouse, finally to monitor and execute the machine functioning.

7. At least 10 millions programmes storage capacity (Standard configuration 32G internal memory)

8. Both the Manual and Auto options are available for loading and unloading.

9. Because of a life-time internal software update services provided, it can assure our machines are in Good Condition.

Roll Bending Machine Benefits

With the servo hydraulic system, thus the benefits include:

Firstly, stable and controllable hydraulic pressure in the whole bending process.

Secondly, overflow valve working time is shorten, oil temperature is dropped, thus it completely solves the oil temperature problems, which is caused by Summer, in turn it will absolutely increase accuracy.

Thirdly high electricity usage efficiency.

Moreover, reduce sound pollution. For example, three independent rollers, stepless speed regulation and rollers’ speed auto-matching.

Thus, difference between roller linear speeds (Outer and inner radius) can be offset, and no more scratch marks on appearance.

Aluminum Profile Bending Machine Features

Roll Bending Machine Motion Control, bending Algorithms and low Energy Consumption. Thus the hydraulic control is within 0.01mm accuracy, and the CNC system will automatic generate operating procedures.

In addition, the machine applications cover many industry, including Aerospace. New Energy Vehicle. Rail Transit. and Elevator.  Moreover, it can automatically detect Al alloy profile , and other material characteristics. So it has benefits like simple operation, high precision and high repeatability.

Custom dies design service and high performance bending machines for iron and aluminium sections. For example, G Clef Al alloy bending machine offer excellent rolling quality, versatility in bending steel, aluminium profiles and maximum productivity,

These features are suitable for large sections and weight bearing structures. For example, they Includes continuous facades, H-beams, heavy ironwork structures and thick tubes. Moreover,  3 motorized rolls assures maximized precision in bending small profiles.


  1. With automatic CNC bending systems. You just input your profile CAD drawing  into our machine, thus no need to reply on experienced workers. As a result, the machines are easy to learn and operate. Moreover, you only need 1-2 days to  understand the program by any fresh man.
  2. Large push force, high accuracy hydraulic close-loop control system, therefore repeat positioning accuracy reach 0.01mm.
  3. Guide mode automatic conversion function, anti-collision protection, so it can ensure the safety of equipment operation, operation as desired.
  4. National patent technology, unique core algorithm, rich bending and processing datas. Also the accurate radius (R) control, multi-section arc and complex graphics processing in one step finished.

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Company Profile

Since 2012, we’re a leading roll bending , and stretch forming machine manufacturer in China. Moreover, our G Clef bending machines could bend the following materials. Such as profile tube – pipe – stainless steel – Al alloy and section, into 2D or 3D with high precision by CNC.

Send us your metal material technical details in PDF or DWG format. Then our technician team will discuss with you, and design the customized tooling for you.

Please find us at the following:

Mobile: +86 13927226545

FAQs for Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Q1: Is it all right to make customer’s own brand name?
A: Yes, no problem. We can discuss it in detail.
Q2: Are you a manufactuer or trading company?
A: Thats right. We’re the manufacturer.
Q3: Can you do the design for us?
A: Yes. no problem. We can discuss it in detail.
Q4: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
A: You just simply need to send us your sample drawing. We can do the rest for you.
Q5: How long can I expect to get the sample?
A: The quickest time is 1 week . We can discuss it in detail.

Q6: What are your main products?
A: Metal profile bending machine. (two types of bending technique.)
Q7: When can I get the price?
A: We will contact you within 24 hours.
Q8: Where is your company?
A: We’re at Guangdong Foshan. China
Q9: What is the list of certificates you holds?
A: We have ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949 approvals. CE certificate. Certificate of Patent for Invention and etc.
Q10: Are you in stock?
A: Yes. We are.
Q11: Does your product have warranty service?  And how long is the warranty period?
A: Thats right. We provide 1 to 3 years warranty period.

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