Escalator Stainless Steel Stretch Bending Machine

CNC Escalator Stretch forming Machine Automatically detects the yield strength of the profile and automatically adjusts the tension force


* Each axis is servo control, which precisely control of the tension force and displacement in real time; When stretching the profile, it can be chosed to the tension mode or the position mode. In the position mode, it is not necessary to consider the change of force; In tension mode, the constant force is necessary, and in some cases the force is changed.

* Automatically detects the yield strength of the material and automatically adjusts the tension force. When start bending, the tension force is corresponding with the position, so the material will never break.

* Variety,Quantity – Single variety,large quantity, high quality requirement

*Cross section – asymmetrical、complicated


* The springback is small, the mold radius is 95-97% of the forming radius.The springback of each point is controllable and evenly distributed, which is very effective for multiple radii; it doesn’t depends on experience.
* Automatic generate the radius template – By input CAD drawing or manually input radius (multi-radius, single radius is not a problem), solve the problem of relying on experience.
* Only one motor, automatic oil distribution by servo control, 24 hours production, temperature rise 55 degrees, and no noise; energy saving, environmental protection, solve the problem of heating system from hydraulic system.
* Solve the problem that radius gradually becomes larger or inconsistent after releasing single radius material.
For example, 180 degree stretch forming: Before: need over 190 degrees, released then forming by springback, and end radius is not the same with middle radius. Now: just bend to 181 degrees, springback is small and consistent, and end radius is same as middle radius.



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