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The Pipe Rolling Machine with CNC hydraulic control is designed to bend the stainless steel, aluminium pipe tube and profile.



Pipe Rolling Machine Description

Pipe Rolling Machine with advanced material rebound rate measurement function, besides the equipment automatically corrects the processing data according to the measurement results, avoiding the problem of material rebound affecting the bending size.

Due to the advanced servo technology used in the hydraulic system, the Y-axis of the equipment under the working condition of 25 tons of pressure has reached a position control accuracy of less than 0.01mm.

Hydraulic Powertrain System

Because the hydraulic powertrain system uses a servo pump oil supply system, the equipment:
1)the pressure is controllable and stable throughout the bending process;
2)the relief valve has a short working time and the oil temperature is significantly reduced, which solves the problem of excessive oil temperature in summer that affects hydraulic accuracy Problem;
3)High energy saving rate;
4)Noise reduction;
The three-roller is independently controllable, stepless speed regulation, and the three-roller speed is automatically matched to compensate for the difference in linear speed during the workpiece radius forming process [the difference between the inner diameter and the outer diameter], and the surface of the workpiece will not be scratched. Wheelbase can be adjusted at will from 280-760mmmm

Pipe Rolling Machine Features

Accurate radius (R) control and easily complete continuous processing of multiple arcs and complex graphics; The real CNC control system completely solves the smooth and symmetrical transition of the workpiece with different curvatures; The humanized control system is flexible and simple.

It can be understood at a glance and can be used as soon as they’re trained, thus it completely solves the dependence on skilled workers; What’s more, the reasonable and compact structure design, the combination of electromechanical and hydraulic; reliable parts and assembly standards, freeing you from the worry of equipment maintenance;

Machine Design Benefits

Exquisite mold design technology can perfectly solve the product quality problems such as wrinkles, scratches, distortions, and indentation, and meet your high-quality requirements for products; [Teaching] function can help you produce high-quality products without considering the rebound of the workpiece;

With inventions recognized by national patents, unique core algorithms, as well as rich rolling processing parameters, you can produce unique products without concerns; For example, The automatic bending calculation can reduce your material waste. What’s more, the automatic pressure adjustment function will greatly save energy , as well as reducing your electricity expenditure;

Guided mold automatic conversion function, anti-collision interference protection, thus they ensure the safety of equipment operation, allowing you to operate as you want; The centralized control loop extends the life of each mechanical drive mechanism component , also makes the machine run more stable.

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