With the development of The Times and the improvement of people’s living standards, furniture has been created from scratch, from square appearance to ergonomic chair, bending hammock chair, round table and ellipse round table. So how are the curved parts of round and oval furniture formed? It’s made by a roll bending machine.

The roll bending machine is particularly good at bending the circle, the bending and processing of the elliptical parts are very suitable, which is determined by the processing principle of the roll bending machine.

The use of roll bending machine three points determine the principle of a circle bending profile, the continuous bending out of a variety of circular, circular workpiece.

However, the traditional roll bending machine in the processing of tubular profiles, because the material force is not uniform, unreasonable, can not avoid the fold, depression and other conditions.

The CNC bending machine developed by G Clef uses the original core algorithm and process parameters, can automatically calculate, multiple bending, solve these old problems, so that the roll bending machine is widely used in the bending of furniture parts.

Especially ergonomic chairs, need to change the curvature of the bend out a kind of circular arc shape, general precision bending traditional roll bending machine, and G Clef CNC roll bending machine can import after drawing, automatic calculation and automatic precision bending, let many humanized design from imagination to reality, let furniture more full of curved imagination!