Escalator Cover Stretch Bender Machine

CNC Stretch Bender and forming Machine for aluminium profile escalator elevator lift cover handrail bending.


The Escalator Cover Stretch Bender Machine’s advantages are as follows:

1. The molding rebound is small,

2. The product is better

3. Mold costs are less

B: Stamping, the disadvantages are:

1. The forming rebound is large,

2. The product is poor in one degree, and the product is greatly affected by the hardness.

3. More mold costs

Its advantages are:

1, stamping equipment is cheaper

2, high production efficiency

Through the G Clef unique software, you can realize precise profile bending with variable curvature, work efficiency can be greatly improved, labor cost can be saved, the operation is simple, and very easy learning. Whether it is profile, pipe, square tube, G Clef not only sells the bending machine, but also provides the corresponding bending solutions for the customers.

With G Clef bending solution and experience, the customer will be in the leading position in the bending peer! For our customer, you just need to bring us the problem, regarding to the distortion, wrapping, collapse, twist, curve/bow, bulge, asymmetry, S curve, elliptical and spline which do harm to the efficiency, time and cost, we will provide a complete solution. Our creative solutions have already approved by some famous companies in automotive, escalator, aerospace, rail transit, conveyor, facade, doors and windows, roofing, lighting industries etc

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