Steel Rail CNC Stretch Bending Machine

CNC Stretch Bending and stretch forming machine for guide rail slide way transit rail. Drawing dwg & stp automatic input.



The product uses the three coordinates to play the actual data and record it.

Calculate the difference between the actual data and the product standard data, and calculate the mold adjustment amount according to the aging time variable and then repair the mold.

The mold is gradually approached to repair the mold, so as to prevent the mold from over-repairing, resulting in repeated mold repair. (For example: the mold arc needs to be repaired from 100 to 110, we only need to repair about 108. After the next test, we will determine how much it needs to be repaired)

With the profile stretch bending machine in the fields of aerospace, rail transit, vehicles is becoming more and more widely used, the demand for profiles diversified trends, companies are actively developing the corresponding processes, equipment and software system to meet various lengths, curvatures, sections, materials, rings. The process needs of the environment, the stretch bending equipment will show the following development trend.

(1) Equipment numerical control. With the accuracy requirements of profile forming improved, traditional manual or semi-automatic stretch bending equipment can no longer suit the needs of mass production. According to the stretch bending machine position mode and tension mode, precisely control the tension force and machine tool trace, only like that can form accurately.

(2) Control system trends to full software open and intelligent. Although the current PC-based software-wide open CNC system. The system needs to be improved in terms of stability and real-time, but because of its low hardware dependency, very flexible, extremely cost-effective, very strong. For the bending machine, for each profile material performance is different, so develop online intelligent recognition work can (yield point detection), self-learning function can make bending equipment smarter.




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