Metal Curving Machine B40T for sale

The CNC metal curving machine is suitable to large section profile, every individual roller drive by unique servo hydraulic system.


Metal Curving Machine Description

1. The Metal Curving Machine design and manufacture of equipment follow ISO international standards, as well as the national machine tool related standards.

2. The measurement units of all parts , as well as various instruments,  are all conform to SI international standards.

3. The operating console and the left side of the fuselage are equipped with safety protection switches, which can protect personal safety, equipment safety, and reduce workpiece damage during an emergency stop;

4. The position setting can be fine-tuned. For example, The industrial computer has the function of automatically remembering the position, which can eliminate human measurement errors and shutdown collision accidents, and double safety protection.

Metal Curving Machine Features

The G Clef bending machine has been recognized by more and more customers in China with its unique skilled technology, know-how, as well as the experience.

G Clef is able to curve extruded and brake-formed profiles in Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other exotic metals.G Clef will provide customized tooling design services accordingly, by providing various methods for bending depends on higher rotation speeds with full drive torque throughout the speed range.

CNC Roll Bending Machine Benefits

The CNC roll bending machine produced by our company adopts the integrated structure of the whole machine, as a result,  the equipment occupies a small area, thus the transportation is convenient and does not need to be fixed;

the operation is flexible and convenient, likewise, the security level is high, simple and easy to learn; Moreover, the angle setting is easy and accurate, the length measurement is easy, and the automatic bending , Rapid prototyping;

The machine can do forward and reverse bending in one work cycle with high precision, high efficiency, as well as high production efficiency

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