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Pipe Bender & Tube Bender | CNC Machine

CNC Pipe Bender & Tube Bender Machine can bend multiple angles and multi-radius in variable curvature shape for all kinds of product design.



Pipe Bender Description

Pipe bender and Tube bender Machine can bend both multiple angles and multi-radius in variable curvature shape. Firstly,  each arc segment can be smoothly transitioned. Secondly, rollers can precisely move by servo motor. Finally, The G Clef program can accurately calculate spring back compensation for multiple radii.

The servo hydraulic control system also precisely controls the displacement of the rollers. As a result, it doesn’t need an skilled worker to control,  while the machine itself is an experienced master. For example, with just one button, you can bend out the shapes and angles you want. What’s more, even a person without experience can easily learn to use our program.

Cold bending equipment Industry status

It’s an unpopular industry, besides it mainly focus on door industry. That’s to say, the high-end automation equipment is in a  small market, while barely any company invest in the new product research.  There is no enterprise that can compete with foreign countries, thus its competitiveness is zero. Fully limited by domestic equipment and technology, as a result, the core technology has always been in the hands of foreign manufacturers, expensive reasons.

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Pipe Bender CNC Control Features

  1. Automatic CNC bending systems, just input your profile dwg. CAD drawing to our machine, no need to reply on experienced workers.
  2. Easy to learn, Easy to operate, only need 1-2 days can easily understand the program by any fresh man.
  3. high push force, high accuracy hydraulic close-loop control system, repeatability positioning accuracy reach 0.01mm.
  4. G -Clef own developed hardware and software. Lifetime update free of charge.
  5. Multi axis forming. Perfect solution to stable output with unstable input.

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